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BSP Sport Psychology Consulting and Diagnostic Center

The BSP Sport Psychology Consulting and Diagnostic Center thoroughly examines the topic of performance psychology:

Hitting top performance when it matters!

It is well known that there is a fine line between success and failure. Today in particular, in professional sport and in business, it must be possible to summon top performance at short notice: you need to perform at the peak of your potential exactly on cue, when it matters. These performance situations are coupled with huge pressure; they require mental strength and a strong personality.

To properly master such challenging situations you should know, optimise and make use of all your potential. Now, more than ever, the mind plays the crucial role in top performance.

The BSP Sport Psychology Consulting and Diagnostic Center will help you to deliver your personal top performance on demand. We will show you ways of being mentally fully present when it matters, of dealing with pressure in sport or in business, and of fully utilising your potential.

On the following pages we will introduce the Center's key services and topics, show you some examples of typical customer requests and give you an overview of what we offer.

You are welcome to arrange an appointment and make use of these services. To register with us and make an appointment, please send us an email.

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Marlovits,

A sports psychologist with over 15 years’ experience in professional sports including football, handball, basketball, tennis/racket sports, sailing, golf, mountaineering/extreme sports, rock climbing


Sportpsychologische Beratungs- und Diagnostikzentrum der BSP

Prof. Dr. Andreas Marlovits

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