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The right form of financing always depends on your individual situation. We have gathered some information for you here to help you decide.


A scholarship generally means financial support for studies provided by a foundation, an association or a company. There are various kinds of scholarships. The applicant usually has to go through a selection process and meet certain criteria. While certain organisations select candidates based on their performance, for others the most important factor is their voluntary work.

Full scholarship: A full scholarship includes living costs, and often an additional sum for rent or books. Not all foundations offer this kind of scholarship. Generally speaking, the larger the foundation, the higher the monthly funding allowance.

Foreign scholarship: To spend a semester abroad, some kind of financial support is usually essential. Foreign scholarships are often specific to a certain country or continent. There are also usually restrictions on which courses are funded.

Project or research scholarship: Research scholarships are primarily offered by smaller companies or foundations. They have a specific topic that requires research. Some broader scholarships are also offered for research within certain fields.

Scholarship for tuition fees: Another category, which is often included in full scholarships, is the covering of tuition fees.

Every foundation follows its own guiding principles. You should identify with these and be able to reflect them. When writing your application it is particularly important to discuss the ideals of the foundation and represent them convincingly. Some examples of guiding principles are activities for social or religious causes, political leanings or your background (a certain foreign country, federal state or city that is offering the funding).

Other factors often include your school or university grades and your financial situation. We recommend that you first select the foundation and then submit a tailored application. You will find help on the content of your application by searching online for your selected foundations and scholarship programmes.

For detailed queries, please contact the Career Center or use the Scholarship Guides.

BSP scholarships: BSP Business School Berlin also grants scholarships. Please contact the course guidance.

#Ichmachwasanderes - scholarship programme: The #ichmachwasanderes (“I'm doing something different”) - scholarship programme supports students who do not conform to the classic definitions of “elite”. It is aimed at students who have not followed a straightforward path and who break the classic academic mould. Factors such as good grades or a short study period are not requirements for this scholarship. The funding consists of a full scholarship worth 9,900 euros for a semester abroad at Capilano University in Canada, including flights, accommodation and board. You will find further information on the #Ichmachwasanderes scholarship here.

Student loans

Many banks offer student loans that have a relatively low rate of interest and can be paid back over a long period.

A student loan is a loan taken out specifically to finance school or university education. It is up to you to negotiate the conditions of your loan with the bank of your choice. These include the term of the loan, how many instalments you receive (and therefore the total sum), the conditions of repayment and the interest rate.

Many banks offer student loans that have a relatively low rate of interest and can be paid back over a long period. Generally the loan has to be repaid in fixed instalments following a “cool-down period” after you have completed your studies.

We have compiled an overview of some loan providers for you here.

BAföG grants

Many students find that “BAföG” grants are a good way of financing their studies. Being accepted for BAföG usually depends on your own income and that of your parents – it is always worth trying. 50 percent of the BAföG grants are actually loans that have to be paid back after completing your studies.

If your BAföG application is denied, this is often a sufficient criterion for claiming housing benefit (“Wohngeld”).

Education funds

Another form of financing is support from an education fund. A specific feature of education funds is that repayments are dependent on how much you are earning.

Financing Information

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