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BSP university licences

For creating presentations, BSP Business School Berlin works with the presentation suite think-cell.

The think-cell software integrates into MS PowerPoint and enables you to construct presentations simply and efficiently.

This collection of modern productivity tools contains the following modules:

  • think-cell chart is the PowerPoint add-in for creating professional charts (cascade, Mekko and Gantt charts)
  • think-cell round is the PowerPoint add-in for consistently rounding numbers, even across complex calculations
  • think-cell layout is the patented PowerPoint add-in for quickly creating clear slide layouts from standard elements

More information


  • You have a TraiNex user account.
  • You are enrolled at BSP Business School Berlin or you are working in research or teaching and you use the software exclusively for this purpose.
  • You do not use the software for commercial purposes and you are not working in an administrative position.
  • If one of these requirements is no longer fulfilled, you are obligated to uninstall the product.
  • Passing on the software to third parties is prohibited.
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