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University Sport at BSP

The time has come - we are setting up a comprehensive sports programme. As well as promoting healthy lifestyles, we hope that sports will strengthen the community and campus feeling at BSP Business School Berlin. With a diverse sports programme, we offer students the chance to actively participate in a broad range of sporting activities, making contacts with people outside of their faculty and university in the process.

In short, sport promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle, it brings people together regardless of politics, it encourages teamwork and it's great fun!

Villa Siemens offers a range of sporting facilities, including the university's own park with a beach volleyball court and a gym with various machines in the university basement. A gym for both strenuous and relaxing activities such as yoga, pilates and meditation will also soon be available.

These facilities may be used at any time after paying a small fee for the semester. The university management is actively involved in the availability of the sporting facilities - we will inform you when they are accessible for your sporting activity, with options throughout the entire campus.

Students, lecturers and staff are very welcome to participate in the sports courses. You can also take the initiative yourself to offer a course or contribute your ideas for organising sporting activities at the university.

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