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Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration

Focus: Start-up Management

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the driving force behind modern market economies. In the Start-up Management option you will deepen your basic knowledge of economics with a focus on the particular conditions of SMEs. You will examine the entire company life cycle and analyse numerous different scenarios, from founding to a successful growth process to finding the right successor.

To this end, you will first acquire a basic understanding of the conditions of a company’s founding phase. You will learn to develop innovative and economically viable concepts and to examine these using economic parameters. By completing simulations and exercises you will become familiar with the process of transforming ideas into compelling business plans.

To gain a strong market position, a company must consider all aspects of the growth phase. These include strategic cooperations, viable sales concepts and expanding the product and service portfolio as well as the question of entering new geographic markets. You will learn the tools and methods required to tackle such challenges in the most effective manner and to successfully guide a company as a responsible manager.

Managing succession is a central issue, and not only for family-owned companies. In this particular phase it is crucial to develop future-oriented models and scenarios that will secure a company’s continued existence and competitiveness in the long term. In this context you will explore methods of modern organisational development along with various aspects of change management and on-the-job training.

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