Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration

Studying Business Administration at BSP means understanding and managing the varied demands on modern companies through practice.

You can also study Business Administration at BSP Campus Hamburg.

The Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at BSP is based on the various demands placed on companies today. It aims to offer students a solid foundation of management training founded upon a basic understanding of economic and entrepreneurial interrelations.

Today’s companies are dynamic and complex systems with mutual dependencies and influences: economic success, cost awareness, sustainable business, innovative products, motivated employees and of course satisfied shareholders are just some of the goals that companies need to manage. In this context, economic success means organising tasks, processes and operations so as to meet this range of goals as effectively as possible.

The appeal of studying Business Administration at BSP lies in gaining business competences, improving your understanding of the company as a system, and learning how to advance the goals described above.

Quick overview

winter semester
summer semester

Study models/duration
Full-time: 6 semesters 

Language skills
German level C1 or a higher level

Tuition fees
To the financing options 

Project study phase of several months in companies.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) 

Fields of work 

  • Strategic management
  • HR management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Logistics
  • Finance, accounting and controlling

Successful accreditation

  • German