Bachelor’s degree in Business Psychology

Prof. Armin Schulte on the Bachelor’s degree in Business Psychology

“A combination that is unique in Germany”

“Business Psychology does exactly what the name implies: it combines entrepreneurial thinking with psychological competences. This enables our students to examine business administration and management topics, on the one hand, and to acquire fundamental psychological know-how on the other. We teach this knowledge through a combination of psychological fields that is, to my knowledge, unique in Germany. For example, market and consumer psychology or media psychology from a consistent cultural psychology perspective.”

What is Business Psychology?

Business Psychology applies scientific methods and findings from psychology to economic situations in a broad range of fields and applications. In this way it combines entrepreneurial thinking with psychological competences and management know-how.

In the Bachelor’s degree in Business Psychology you will therefore acquire psychological competences alongside the basics of business administration and economics and gain a differentiated understanding of the fundamentals of management. At BSP, Business Psychology does not simply mean “business plus psychology”; it trains psychologists for business, enabling them to reconcile entrepreneurial goals with various human needs in a balanced and appropriate manner.

Another special feature of this bachelor’s degree programme is its combination of five future-oriented areas, spanning the main fields of business psychology:

  • Market and Consumer Psychology
  • Media Psychology
  • Intercultural Psychology
  • Organisation Psychology
  • HR Psychology

Focus: Cultural and Depth Psychology

An element of this bachelor’s degree that is unique in Germany is its consistent focus on cultural and depth psychology. By learning the robust fundamentals of cultural psychology and practising the application of depth psychological concepts, you will gain a broad set of skills, including an understanding of how brands, media and companies function in their relevant everyday and cultural contexts and the ability to develop effective measures and practical concepts.

Your training in quantitative and qualitative research methods throughout the course will give you a versatile orientation from an early stage, for example in the fields of quantitative personnel psychology, qualitative market and media psychology or when examining organisation development or cultural analysis topics on the basis of depth psychological concepts. Systematic training of your social and personal competences is another integral part of this degree programme.

Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree you will be qualified to analyse organisational, communicative and influencing processes using psychological concepts and methods and to develop reliable foundations for shaping such processes. Through the different fields of application you will gain a sophisticated knowledge of the various potential uses in impact research, communication and marketing, human resources and business and organisation development.

As a Bachelor of Arts in Business Psychology graduate, you will have gained an internationally recognised academic degree for entering your professional career. The subsequent Master’s degrees in Business Psychology with a focus on HR and Organisation DevelopmentMedia Psychology and Sport Psychology offer you the chance to further develop your career prospects in selected fields of Business Psychology.

Practical orientation

Our Bachelor’s degree in Business Psychology is based on a strong practical and vocational orientation. Theoretical content is consistently deepened through concrete case studies, simulations and professional feedback sessions. Group discussions, business games and management training are a core part of our modules, as well as two internships of several months that you can complete at companies in Germany or abroad. To this end, BSP has a strong network of partners in various industries. Furthermore, during your course you will get to know many lecturers with extensive management experience who, along with the BSP professors, will give you fascinating insights into the professional world.

Quick overview

1 October
1 April 

Study models/duration
6 semesters 

Language skills
German level C1 or a higher level

Tuition fees
To the financing options

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) 

Fields of work 

  • Market and opinion research
  • Management consulting
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • HR management

Successful accreditation

  • German