Master’s degree in Business Administration

Prof. Dr. Markus Langenfurth

Study Business Administration in Berlin

Five questions for Markus Langenfurth, Professor of Business Administration and Economics

1. Why should someone do a Master’s degree in Business Administration?
A master’s degree in Business Administration is the crowning achievement when it comes to studying business. When you opt for a master’s, you are opting for a career in business. Our master’s programme gives you the best possible credentials to pursue it. 

2. What is special about the Master’s degree in Business Administration at BSP?
There are three points that I believe are particularly important:

  • BSP is a management school. Our master’s programme therefore places a special focus on management training. We offer the highest level of training and take the latest research results into account – so you can “study business class”.
  • It is an application-focused degree. We do not teach dry theory, we test all theoretical content in practice. Excursions to companies, computer simulations and the start-up workshop are examples of this approach.
  • English is the number one business language. A career in management is almost unthinkable without proficiency in English. That is why we have integrated 108 hours of Business English into the course programme.

3. How are the career prospects?
Our goal is to prepare you in the best way possible for a career in management. A business degree offers strong prospects in general. The demand for highly qualified young managers has remained consistently high for several years. For certain corporate positions a master’s degree can make the difference in landing the job.

4. For whom is the course suitable?
A master’s degree is recommended for career-oriented students. There are basically two routes to choose from: you can continue directly from your bachelor’s degree, while the knowledge is still fresh, but I think returning from the professional world to continue your studies is also an attractive option. This allows you to apply your practical experience to your studies.

5. What would be your advice to a master’s student?
Enjoy this time, be inquisitive and challenge us! This will make your master’s course an unforgettable experience. We offer our students the right conditions to get the best out of their post-graduate studies. I often talk to graduates who have been in their careers for several years. With the demands of their jobs they often lack the time to think matters through, to take a broader perspective and develop new ideas. A master’s degree at BSP offers them every chance to do these things.

Quick overview

1 April
1 October

Study models/duration
4 semesters 

Language skills
German level C1 or a higher level

Tuition fees
To the financing options

Master of Science (M.Sc.) 

Fields of work 

  • Corporate management
  • Founding and managing a company
  • Taking on budget and team responsibility
  • Strategy development and consulting
  • Planning, implementation and control of strategic objectives
  • Company departments: administration, production, marketing, controlling, HR

Successful accreditation

  • German