Master’s degree in Business Administration (M.A.)

10 reasons for a Master’s degree in Business Administration at Business School Berlin Potsdam

You can also do the Master’s degree in Business Administration at BSP Campus Hamburg.

1. State-of-the-art management know-how
How to lead a team, how to cultivate innovation, how to control processes within a company – management skills are the key to success in a modern business. BSP, as a school of management, offers you a master’s degree with a clear focus on management training.

You will get to know professional fields for your future career while you are still studying – from customer management and marketing to controlling. This will ensure a smooth transition into the professional world.

2. Theory and practice: with us they’re complementary
Our goal is to give you the best possible preparation for a career in management. You will therefore study with a practical focus and get to know companies and entrepreneurs throughout your course. These experiences are constantly fed back into your acquired knowledge, so theory and practice complement each other.

3. Start-up workshop
Do you want to found your own company? The start-up workshop will provide you with the knowledge you need to get your business off the ground. From the initial idea to the financing, legal framework and product and customer management, you will become familiar with all the necessary areas of decision‐making through concrete examples.

4. Excursions: get to know companies up close
In the second semester your whole course group will go on a 14-day excursion to Hamburg. During this trip you will visit several companies, gaining various insights into their daily activities and expanding your personal network. During this period the accompanying classes will be held at the partner university MSH in Hamburg.

5. 108 hours of Business English
You can take language courses at any university, but at BSP they are thoroughly integrated into the degree programmes. The language classes are carried out in cooperation with a professional language school, so you have every chance to reach a high level of language training.

6. Soft skills training
Negotiations, presentations, conflict resolution, networking – everyday work situations require various soft skills. We teach precisely these competences, based on concrete exercises and case studies, in special training sessions.

7. Business games: real decisions in a virtual company
Manage your own company in a computer-based business game. You will be in competition with the firms of your fellow students in a virtual market. In this way, you will become familiar with the complex relationships between different company decisions and be better prepared for the business world.

8. Business Psychology
Business is more than just cold, rational decisions. Whenever people interact with one another, apparent irrationalities also determine how this interaction unfolds. Moods, personal experiences and behaviour patterns influence decisions. Having a knowledge of psychological processes therefore makes your job as a manager easier.

9. Ethics: corporate values don’t begin and end on the balance sheet
What values should a manager pursue? And how are decisions made when these values are in conflict with economic targets? In a modern management degree it is essential to explore these issues during your studies. The module Business Ethics and Compliance provides the framework.

10. The world is your oyster
The Master’s degree in Business Administration therefore offers you the ideal conditions for starting your career in management – both nationally and internationally. You will know the most important techniques of management. You will have gained insights into companies from various industries. You will have built up a network and established contacts. You will be proficient in business English and possess all the essential management competences. All that, and you will have spent an unforgettable time with your fellow students at BSP.

Quick overview

1 April
1 October

Study models/duration
4 semesters 

Language skills
German level C1 or a higher level

Tuition fees
To the financing options

Master of Science (M.Sc.) 

Fields of work 

  • Corporate management
  • Founding and managing a company
  • Taking on budget and team responsibility
  • Strategy development and consulting
  • Planning, implementation and control of strategic objectives
  • Company departments: administration, production, marketing, controlling, HR

Successful accreditation

  • German