Master’s degree in Business Psychology – Focus: HR and Organisation Development

You can also take the Master’s degree in Business Psychology at BSP Campus Hamburg.

There is growing recognition in management of the fact that economic laws are not the only factor that ensures a company’s success. Indeed, entrepreneurial activities also require communicative, psychological and specialist competences. The Master’s degree in Business Psychology combines business know-how with psychological expertise and specifically prepares students for the practical activities of HR and organisation development specialists in companies and institutions. The master’s programme is aimed at graduates of degrees in the field of psychology who are interested in the management of people and organisations, and at professionals from these areas with business degrees.

In terms of content, the Master’s degree in Business Psychology is oriented around the psychological foundations of working with people and organisations. This includes leadership and consulting of employees, teams and institutions.

In the Master’s degree in Business Psychology you will learn the psychological foundations of working with human resources and organisations. There is a particular emphasis on managing and advising employees, teams and institutions. The principal tasks of psychologists in HR and organisation development are thoroughly examining, guiding and advising on change processes at companies. This master’s course therefore teaches systemic, diagnostic, social and communication skills as well as competence in methodological research and consulting.

Quick overview

1 October
1 April

Study models/duration
Full-time: 4 semesters

Language skills
German level C1 or a higher level

Tuition fees
To the financing options 

Master of Science (M.Sc.) 

Fields of work 

  • Strategy and HR management
  • Personnel selection, personnel marketing
  • Human resources management
  • Change management
  • Team building, coaching

Successful accreditation

  • German