Master’s degree in Media Psychology

Living in the modern world without media and digital communication is unthinkable. Not only has their use become pervasive, the media industry is also growing and changing all the time. Whether Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple, or the traditional television, film, press and music industry: the starting point for all strategies and the basis for successful communication is human experience and behaviour, the motives and interests of media recipients and the complex impacts on their everyday lives.

When it comes to analysing all these aspects, media psychology offers possible solutions. This makes the professional discipline of media psychology, based on scientific methods, into an exciting, diverse and culturally very significant field in the present and future communication industry. Anyone who wants to develop media formats and content, evaluate the potential of new online platforms, predict the effects of advertising campaigns, or examine long-term social changes in the digital world, increasingly calls upon the research and consulting competences of media psychology.

The Master’s degree in Media Psychology comprises psychology, communication and media science in a remarkable combination with economics, management and marketing. In particular, the course teaches the foundations of psychological theory and methodology, and this knowledge is cemented and expanded in practical contexts and applications through cooperations with our prestigious partners from companies and media organisations.

An element of this course that is unique in Germany is its consistent cultural and depth psychology focus: by learning the solid foundations of a cultural psychology approach to media psychology and systematically practicing depth psychology concepts, you will acquire a broad range of skills for understanding how media and communication function in their relevant everyday and cultural contexts and for developing effective measures and practical concepts.

Quick overview

1 October

Study models/duration
4 semesters

Language skills
German level C1 or a higher level

Tuition fees
To the financing options 

Master of Science (M.Sc.) 

Fields of work 

  • TV and radio stations
  • Communication and internet agencies
  • Film and TV production firms
  • Publishers
  • Web design
  • Content development
  • Game development and production
  • Manufacture of entertainment and communication technology
  • Advertising and media agencies

Successful accreditation

  • German