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FAQ - General questions on degree courses

Particular questions on BSP courses and applications

Is there an applications deadline?

There is no official applications deadline at for BSP Business School Berlin. You can apply for the bachelor's and master's degrees at BSP all year round. We recommend that you apply as soon as possible after the start of a semester, as we have to stop accepting applications once the courses have reached their full capacity.

How can I apply and how does the application procedure work?

You can apply online via the application portal on our website or via post. Choose whichever option suits you best. As soon as your documents have been checked (max. 3 working days), assuming you fulfil the admission requirements, you will receive an invitation to a personal interview, which is obligatory. After the interview the admissions management will consult with the course leader. If all has gone well, you will receive your Study Contract documents via post.

What will happen at the admission interview?

The admission interview should not be thought of as a test. We place a great value on your motivation to study your chosen course at BSP. We may ask questions about how you cope with stressful situations, for example, or about your experiences doing internships.

When will my course at BSP start?

All the degree courses at BSP begin on 1 April (summer semester) and on 1 October (winter semester).

Is there an NC (numerus clausus) at BSP?

No. We carry out an admission procedure that gives us a complete profile of the applicant and enables us to get to know them personally. On the basis of this procedure, a decision is made on whether their application to study at BSP will be successful.

The admission procedure consists of checking the submitted application documents and a personal interview.

Does it cost anything to study at BSP?

Since BSP Business School Berlin is a private university and therefore has to finance itself, there are monthly tuition fees that vary depending on the degree course. You will find the tuition fees on the pages of the individual bachelor's and master's degrees. In addition, there is a one-off enrolment fee of €100 and the semester ticket for public transport (valid for six months in the Berlin ABC zone), which you obtain from us for €180. There are various ways of financing your studies. Here you can find an overview of all the financing options.

Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Are there ways of financing my studies?

Yes. These days banks are used to granting student loans. Numerous banks support students with special financing offers. Foundations award scholarships to finance studies. Get in touch with us - we would be happy to advise you. Here you can find further information on financing your studies.

Can I apply for Bafög to finance my degree?

Yes, you can apply for Bafög grants in the same way as if you were attesting a public university and, depending on how much your parents earn, you have the same chance of receiving this funding. Here you will find further information on Bafög.

Is the degree from BSP recognised in the same way as one from a state university?

BSP Business School Berlin is officially recognised by the Berlin Senate Administration for Education, Science and Research. This guarantees that our qualifications are equivalent to those from state universities. So, for example, you could complete your bachelor's degree with us and go on to do your master's at a state university.

Will my credit points from another university be recognised at BSP?

Yes, in principle it is possible to have your credit points from other universities recognised. The Examinations Commission will decide this in individual cases.

Here you will find an overview of contacts within the University Management.

Will I put together the subject/modules myself?

At BSP you follow a curriculum, which means at the start of each semester you will receive a binding timetable of classes. This can also be viewed on TrainEx shortly before the start of the semester (as a new student you will be given your log-in details shortly after you begin your degree). You will have opportunities to individually customise your degree by choosing your optional modules and completing your project study.

Will the university provide learning materials/textbooks?

Every lecturer generally works with textbooks and/or lecture notes. The textbooks can be borrowed from the university library, where available. You will receive the lecture notes from the lecturer as a handout or as a file on the intranet.

How long are the classes each day?

The daily classes at the university are organised into blocks. The blocks of 90 minutes take place at the following times:

1st block: 08:00-9:30

2nd block: 09:45-11:15

3rd block: 11:30-13:00

4th block: 13:30-14:00

5th block: 14:15-15:45

6th block: 16:00-17:30

7th block: 17:45-19:15

8th block: 19:30-20:00

You can consult the timetable at any time on the BSP TraiNex. You will receive your TraiNex login details upon starting your course.

Are there semester breaks at BSP?

Our courses are organised in semesters, which is why there are lecture-free periods of four to five weeks twice a year between the semesters (in March and August/September).

How will my learning be assessed?

Your understanding of the course content is tested after every module in the form of oral examinations, presentations, talks or essays. The form of examination used at the end of each module is clearly stated in the examination regulations of the degree course. You can also find this out by checking the course information materials.

Can I resit exams?

Yes. In case you do not pass an examination, you have the opportunity to retake the examination at a later date, usually up to twice. You can find further details of these regulations in our General Examination Regulations and in the Course and Examination Regulations of your degree course. These can all be found in the TraiNex archive, which you will have access to as a student here.

Is there a student ticket for public transport?

Yes. BSP students receive a semester ticket (6 months) at a current price of €180, granting you unlimited use of public transport in the Berlin ABC zone throughout this period. If you are living outside of this zone, you can purchase an additional ticket that allows you to use the trains and buses right up to your door. Should you require any further information, please get in touch.

Do BSP students get a student ID card and what benefits does it offer?

Yes, you will receive a student ID card that offers you a discount on venues such as cinemas, theatres and museums. Please note that your student ID needs to be stamped each semester (stamp available at reception), otherwise it will not be valid.

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