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What are CP (Credit Points)?

Credit Points are the points that students acquire during their course by successfully completing modules. A total of 180 CP must be acquired for a bachelor's degree. Each CP corresponds to a workload of approximately 30 hours. A module of 5 CP therefore entails a workload of 150 hours (part classes, part self-study).

Here you will find the module overviews for each bachelor's and master's degree with the Credit Points listed alongside each module:

Business Administration (B.A.) module overview

International Business Administration (B.A.) module overview

Communication Management (B.A.) module overview

Fashion Marketing (B.A.) module overview

Business Psychology (B.A.) module overview

Media Psychology (B.A.) module overview

Sport Psychology/Sport Psychology Consulting (M.A.) module overview

Business Psychology – Focus: HR and Organisation Development (M.A.) module overview

Business Administration (M.A.) module overview

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