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What is the ECTS?

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is there to ensure that students' achievements at universities within the European Higher Education Area are comparable and can be transferred when changing from one university to another, even across national borders. The degree programmes at BSP are therefore oriented toward the ECTS. The ECTS stipulates that a certain number of Credit Points (CP) must be awarded for each module. Credit Points indicate the workload of a particular module. The workload is made up of the total length of the classes and the time it typically takes to complete the practical work and self-study required. Each CP corresponds to a workload of approximately 30 hours. A module of 5 CP therefore entails a workload of 150 hours (consisting of classes and self-study). In the overviews of our course structures (Study Content/Module Overview) you can see how many CP each class is worth (the example shown here is the B.A. in Business Administration).

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