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PROMOS scholarships

PROMOS is a funding programme from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) intended to help you spend time abroad for various purposes during your studies. BSP has successfully applied for this funding and intends to support students who would like to gain experience in a foreign country. Scholarship programmes are advertised internally twice a year via TraiNex and university notice boards. The funding measures include:

Student scholarships (1 to 6 months) 
Funding is granted for both short-term scholarships (while you write your final paper, for example) and scholarships of up to six months for students wishing to study abroad. PhD students may not apply for this particular programme. The funding does not also cover tuition fees. 
Semester scholarships in the ERASMUS area are generally only possible if there is no ERASMUS partnership in place for the subject in question. Exceptions to this are students who already received funding through an ERASMUS partnership once before and are therefore not eligible for ERASMUS funding, or in cases where the allocation for the partnership has already been used up.

Internships (6 weeks to 6 months) 
Student internships can generally be funded anywhere in the world. Internships in EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein,the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Norway and Turkey cannot be funded due to overlapping with the ERASMUS internship programme. Exceptions to this are students who already received internship funding from ERASMUS once before and are therefore not eligible for funding through the ERASMUS programme. PhD students may not apply for this particular programme.

Language courses (3 weeks to 6 months) 
Language courses for undergraduates and master's or PhD students can be funded at foreign universities worldwide. Depending on the total funding available, it is also possible to apply for a one-off course fee allowance of 500 euros per person.

Undergraduates and PhD students can finance foreign trips for specialist courses of up to six weeks through monthly partial scholarships and/or a one-off course fee allowance of 500 euros. Specialist courses include summer courses at foreign universities; lecture or conference tours cannot be funded.

Exceptionally, specialist courses can also be funded in the period between gaining a bachelor's and beginning a master’s degree. However, this requires you to already have your master's place confirmed at a German university.
Please also note the funding options for PhD students in the DAAD's conference and lecture tour programme.

Scholarship applications

Please apply with the following documents:

- Description of your plan and your motivation
- CV
- Overview of current grades
- Supporting documents (e.g. social commitment, employer references)

Deadline for applications
1st of December (for mobilities between January and June of the following year)
1st of June (for mobilities between July and December of the same year)

Please submit your application by e-mail as one PDF document, on time and complete to the International Office. After the application deadline an internal selection committee will come to a decision and inform you of the result.

You can find an overview of the DAAD's country-specific living and travel cost allowances here.

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