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Blue = Study Abroad / Red = BSP Exchange Program / Yellow = Erasmus+

Partner Universities Worldwide

All students of the BSP Business School Berlin have access to a number of international universities with which we have either already entered into cooperation agreements or with which we maintain close contacts.

We frequently work on expanding our contacts and cooperation with international universities. The BSP has a cooperation agreement with the following universities abroad with the aim of exchanging students and scientists.


Logo Artevelde University College Ghent

Artevelde University College Ghent – Belgium
ERASMUS+ Cooperation

Logo EPHECHaute École Économique et Technique (EPHEC) – Belgium
ERASMUS+ Cooperation


Logo Aarhus University

Aarhus University – Denmark





Logo University of Westminster, London

University of Westminster, London – England


Logo ISG Paris


ISG Paris – France
ERASMUS+ Cooperation

Logo Dublin Business School

Dublin Business School – Ireland


Logo Business College Vilnius

Business College Vilnius – Lithuania
ERASMUS+ Cooperation


Logo University of Malta

University of Malta – Malta
ERASMUS+ Cooperation

Logo Avans University of Applied SciencesAvans University of Applied Science – The Netherlands
ERASMUS+ Cooperation



Logo Poznań University of Economics and Business

Poznań University of Economics and Business – Poland
ERASMUS+ Cooperation

Logo Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa – Portugal
ERASMUS+ Cooperation



Logo Kristianstad University SwedenKristianstad University – Sweden
ERASMUS+ Cooperation


Logo ZHAW Zürich

ZHAW Zürich – Switzerland


Logo University of Ljubljana

University of Ljubljana – Slovenia
ERASMUS+ Cooperation


Logo Centro Universitario CESINE

Centro Universitario CESINE, Santander – Spain
ERASMUS+ Cooperation



Logo Universidad de Malaga

Universidad de Málaga – Spain





Estudios Universitarios y Superiores de Andalucia, Sevilla – Spain


Logo Metropolitan University Prague

Metropolitan University Prague – Czechia
ERASMUS+ Cooperation


Logo Bahcesehir UEniversitesi

Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi – Turkey
ERASMUS+ Cooperation


Logo International Business School Budapest

International Business School Budapest – Hungary
ERASMUS+ Cooperation


Logo University of PécsUniversity of Pécs – Hungary
ERASMUS+ Cooperation

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South America

Australia/New Zealand


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