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Management and Psychology

Research topic
The topic of the centre's research is a behavioural psychology analysis of the phenomenon of management. We focus on management as an institution (the character of the manager) and as a function (various management tasks such as planning, organisation, staff deployment, leadership, control). This behavioural psychology view of management corresponds with a concept of cultural psychology: the behaviour of the individual is regarded in the context of a social organisation. Aspects of HR psychology, HR development, work satisfaction, management development, management tools etc. are linked with this concept.

Research areas

  • Successful working relations: Qualitative and quantitative methods are used to examine processes that lead to an improvement or deterioration of working relations. 
  • HR and organisation development: Companies and institutions are analysed as an integrated whole, combining the personnel and the organisation.
  • Market and media impact research: Based on cultural psychology foundations, this business psychology research focuses on “everyday life” in an economic context. It works primarily with qualitative methods, which lead to relevant criteria for strategic planning and decisions. 
  • Business aesthetics: The goal here is to explore how engagement with art can support management processes and willingness to innovate in companies.

Successful accreditation

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