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Sport Psychology Research and Consulting

Research topic
Sport psychology regards itself as a specialist field of psychology and sport science with a focus on applications. The object of sport psychology research lies in analysing performance- and health-related topics that can also be applied to management in general (e.g. motivation, dedication, health-related behaviour).

Research areas

  • Psychological match analysis: Exploring the psychological foundations and conditions of professional, performance-related sports matches is one particular focus.
  • Learning from professional and top-level sport: Sport psychology regards itself as the examination of sporting experience and behaviour with the contextual knowledge of sport science.
  • Intervention effect research: Guiding and advising trainers, teams, sports people and clubs constitutes a vital element of sport psychology in practice.
  • Further training: Sport psychology training develops a whole range of further training methods for trainers, clubs, associations and sports people.
  • Sport as a health medium: Sport affects you on many levels and can help in to support mental well-being in numerous ways such as combating burnout and stress, boosting resilience and complementing a healthy diet.

Successful accreditation

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