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Apply by Post

Here you will find the admission applications for those applying by post:

Please send us the following documents. If there are some documents you do not yet have available, you can begin the process by just sending us your completed admission application:

  1. Completed admission application
  2. CV in tabular form
  3. Certified copies of educational certificates
  4. Passport photo
  5. Other documents (see admission application)

Please send your documents to the following address:

BSP Business School Berlin
Anastasia Renken-Olthoff
Calandrellistraße 1–9
D-12247 Berlin

Further information on your application

Application documents
Please ensure that all necessary documents are included with your admission application. We regret that we cannot process incomplete applications. You will usually be asked to submit any missing documents. Your school-leaving certificate required for admission can be submitted at a later date.

Confirmation of receipt
As soon as we receive your application we will send you a confirmation email and inform you of the next steps.

All photocopies submitted must be officially certified. In case of multi‐page copies (e.g. university entrance qualification) the certification must apply to the entire content of the original document. 

Notes on your application  Applications will be processed in the order they are received. After your documents have been checked and you have attended a successful interview, your admission will be confirmed. This process will continue until all places are filled. We therefore recommend that you apply in plenty of time.

Contact person

Tamina Knabe
  • German